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Key Visual Design

我們為IVE基礎課程文憑設計了主視覺和標語,以年輕、活力、正向、邁向專業和學習階梯等訊息為基礎設計方向。以IVE的品牌色調為基礎,我們設計了充滿活力和輕快感覺的圖像元素,並加上 "發掘潛能 LEVEL UP" 的標語,以期為學生帶來煥然一新的感覺,並在未來的學習路上添加快樂和積極元素。


We created a vibrant and engaging main visual and slogan for the IVE Foundation Diploma Course, with a focus on inspiring and empowering young learners. Our design direction centered around youthfulness, vitality, positivity, professional development, and learning progression. Using IVE's brand color scheme as a basis, we developed dynamic and lively graphic elements that symbolize these attributes, accompanied by the slogan "Discover Your Potential, Level Up". Our aim was to create a sense of excitement and motivation for students, and to infuse their learning journey with happiness and positivity.


- 標語設計 Tagline Design

- 平面設計 Graphic & Illustration​

project time: 2022

client: the Vocational Training Council (VTC)

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