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Mr.Letterless,香港設計公司,有十多年以上設計經驗並榮獲多項國際設計獎項包括德國 iF Design Award 和日本 Good Design Award,亦是香港工業設計師協會會員 ( Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong )。協助不同商戶建立品牌形象或將現有品牌優化再改造。創作範疇由構思品牌理念和價值、品牌視覺識別、吉祥物設計、平面設計及插畫、企業或商用禮品和產品設計等。


相信品牌塑造工程不止於 logo 商標、mascot 吉祥物或咭片等設計,背後需要統一的品牌價值理念來覆蓋整個塑造工程。由構思品牌理念、視覺元素設計、公關活動主題構思和執行至市場堆廣用的刊物或禮品﹐透過整個過程為客戶體驗帶出品牌和設計的價值。


At Mr. Letterless, we're a design company based in Hong Kong with over a decade of experience in the industry. We've won numerous international design awards, including the German iF Design Award and the Japanese Good Design Award. As members of the Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong, we specialize in helping businesses establish or improve their brand image. Our services range from conceptualizing brand values to designing logos, mascots, graphics, illustrations, and commercial products.


Brand Design Philosophy:

We believe that brand building is more than just designing logos, mascots, or business cards. It's about creating a unified brand value system that covers the entire branding process. From conceptualizing brand values to designing visual elements, creating PR campaigns, and producing marketing materials and gifts, we work closely with our clients to bring their brand to life and communicate its value through every step of the process.

Bringing Value to You


貼地, 擺脫高不可攀的格調


Approachable and down-to-earth

We cherish every client visit and believe in the power of open communication to truly understand their needs and challenges. Our goal is to deliver maximum value to our clients by working within their project budgets and seeking the best possible outcomes at reasonable prices. We see our clients as partners and strive to create win-win situations that allow us to grow together.



以廣闊性的設計專業知識,了解客戶需要後在不同範疇落墨處理,由品牌價值的構思和表現、圖像化的商標和視覺元素、宣傳刊物和網絡行銷廣告或推廣禮品; 至幫助製造商或廠方設計產品和開發、產品品牌化、包裝到推廣等,助他們業務由原本的 OEM 演化到 ODM 和 OBM。

Extensive design expertise

With our wide-ranging design expertise, we take the time to understand our clients' needs and apply our skills to various areas, including branding, logo and visual element design, marketing materials, online ads, and promotional gifts. We also assist manufacturers and factories in product design, branding, packaging, and promotion, helping them evolve from OEM to ODM and OBM businesses.




​Startup Partner

We have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of clients, including startups, small street shops, product manufacturers, and service-based industries. Our aim is to help them optimize, recreate, or even create their brand at different levels. We understand that startups face various unknown challenges with limited resources, and we're dedicated to providing them with our expertise, support, and guidance to overcome these challenges and succeed in their business.

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