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Toyota tote bag

這是一款由豐田汽車生產的小型五門掀背車 - Ractis 的環保袋設計插畫,旨在推廣該車型。插畫以 Toyota Ractis 的車身設計為藍本,使用簡單的線條描繪出車輛外觀,並加入多個個人物品以表達其車廂的大容量特點。


We created an eco-bag design featuring the Toyota Ractis, a small five-door hatchback car produced by Toyota, to promote the model. The illustration is based on the Ractis's sleek body design, using simple lines to depict its stylish appearance, and adding personal items to demonstrate its spacious cargo capacity.

Since the Ractis is targeted towards women as well, we incorporated a feminine touch in the illustration and design. By highlighting its large cargo space, we aimed to appeal to the practical needs of this group.


掛牌設計 Hang Tag Design

插畫設計 Illustration

project time: 2013

client: Crown motors Ltd.

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