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Puzzle Doorplate



When gifting Sony's customers with this paper doorplate, they will be treated to a unique and engaging design. The doorplate consists of multiple transparent sheets, each of which features printed images of Sony's electronic products – including televisions, gaming consoles, and depictions of a couple who own the room – as well as dialogue icons. By arranging and combining these sheets, users can create a range of scenarios, from playing video games with a significant other to enjoying some solo gaming time without interruption. As a result, this doorplate is an interactive and highly personalized gift.

The design concept behind this doorplate is a testament to Sony's commitment to innovation and interactivity. By allowing users to shape their own scenes and stories, it establishes a stronger connection and emotional resonance with Sony's products.

Overall, this paper doorplate is a thoughtful and creative gift that showcases Sony's brand charm and innovative spirit. It is practical, valuable, and sure to leave a lasting impression on Sony's customers.


禮品 及 包裝設計 Gift and Packaging design

Client: SONY

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