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Red Wine Logo Design

為紅酒品牌 Roliscio 設計商標時,設計師運用西洋書法技巧和特色,以手寫方式呈現品牌字首 "R"。透過不斷嘗試字型大小比例、線條粗幼和弧度距離的視覺差異,找出最適合的字形,並修整成最適合的商標設計。

In creating the logo for the red wine brand Roliscio, the designer used Western calligraphy techniques to showcase the brand's initial "R" in the logo. Through a process of continuous experimentation with font size, line thickness, and curvature distance, the designer found the most suitable font shape and refined it into the final logo design.

The resulting logo captures the essence of the brand's identity and communicates its quality and sophistication to customers. By leveraging Western calligraphy techniques, the designer created a logo that is both visually striking and timeless.


商標設計 Logo Design

project time: 2012

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