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Space for Reproduction​

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此海報設計的創作目的是參加由日本設計組織 the DA design association japan 和意大利設計網站 Designboom 合力舉辦的以 "Green Earth" 為題的視覺設計比賽。"空間再生" 的概念是指我們應該在做每件事情時,留有少許空間,讓萬物和因果得以續存。例如,漁網需要有一個大洞,讓部分小魚得以逃脫;捕獲的魚量也應該留有一點空餘,不應趕盡殺絕;碟上的壽司是否需要全部吃完呢?這些問題都呼籲人們要保持對環境的關注和尊重。

我們的海報設計亦有幸得到大會限定,獲選為入圍作品並於日本設計業界展覽展出。我們希望人們能夠了解 "空間再生" 的概念,並將其應用到日常生活中,以減少對環境的負擔。我們選擇了一個簡單而有力的圖像,以突出這一概念。海報上的漁網和壽司,都象徵著我們應該留下一些空間,以維護自然生態和生命的可持續性。我們希望這個海報能夠引起人們的關注,激發人們對環境問題的思考和行動。

The purpose of this poster was to participate in a visual design competition titled "Green Earth," jointly organized by the DA Design Association Japan and the Italian design website Designboom. The concept of "Space Regeneration" suggests that we should leave some room in everything we do, so that all things and their causality can continue to exist. For instance, fishing nets should have a large opening to allow some small fish to escape and survive, and the amount of fish caught should also leave some empty space, rather than being overfished. Do we need to eat all the sushi on the plate? These questions urge people to maintain a focus on and respect for the environment.

Our design was also fortunate enough to be selected as a finalist and exhibited in the Japanese design industry exhibition. It is our hope that people will comprehend the concept of "Space Regeneration" and apply it to their daily lives to reduce the burden on the environment. We chose a simple, yet powerful image to emphasize this concept. The fishing net and sushi on the poster symbolize our need to leave some room to sustain natural ecology and life. We hope that this poster will raise awareness and motivate people to contemplate and act upon environmental issues.


概念構思 Concept

視覺設計​​ Visual Design

project time: 2008

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