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PDR Service Branding Design



We had the pleasure of designing a brand identity for PDR, a company specializing in automotive dent repair without the need for paint spraying. Our scope of work included designing the company logo, visual theme and color scheme, as well as creating page covers and online promotional templates. For the logo design, we incorporated images of the professional repair tools used in the service, and utilized the image of light refracting off car dents to create a captivating visual centerpiece that represents the company's core service. Our goal was to create a brand identity that is both professional and engaging, and that reflects the innovative and high-quality services that PDR offers.


- 品牌概念構思 Branding Design

- 品牌主視覺設計 Key Visual Design

- 商標及平面設計 Logo & Graphic Design

- 社交媒體模板設計 Social Media Template

project time: 2019

client: Dentless PDR HK

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