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Nutcracker Vacuum Flask


設計師重新塑造了胡桃夾子的背景故事,並將傳統的胡桃夾子外觀設計成浮誇的表情,以配合重新塑造的故事。整個設計以 "Don't be a Yes Man" 為核心思想,描述主角胡桃夾子不再是傳統的開合桃工具,而是一個懂得說不的夾子。




The design is based on the nutcracker and features different variations of the traditional tool printed onto thermos bottles, creating both a practical and decorative item. The designer has reimagined the background story of the nutcracker and redesigned its appearance with exaggerated expressions that complement the new narrative. The central message of the story is "Don't be a Yes Man," which depicts the protagonist nutcracker as a tool that not only cracks nuts but also knows how to say no.

The design aims to transform traditional items into modern design elements by reinterpreting their stories and appearances, providing people with fresh experiences and ideas. This design approach not only produces unique and intriguing products but also encourages people to rethink the value and meaning of traditional culture and items.

Thanks to the advanced printing technology used to create the product images, the thermos bottle design can feature dozens of variations, with each nutcracker having its unique cultural and distinctive features.


We hope that this design will inspire people's passion for creativity and design, as well as encourage them to appreciate and cherish traditional culture and items even more.


​故事和概念構思 Concept and Idea

品牌設計 Branding Design

産品設計及開發 Product Design

產品展示設計 Product Display

手機程式設計 Mobile App UI Design

自動售賣機設計 Vending Machine Design


project time: 2015 - 18

client: Mugthing

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