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MTR Corporate Gifts




We've created a range of distinctive stationery gifts for MTR, using clever design to transform objects and features found within the subway station into unique design elements that have been fashioned into a variety of practical gifts. For example, the ticket gates have been transformed into magnetic hooks that can be used to hang keys, notes, and other small objects at home, adding a touch of liveliness to daily life. The yellow lines on the platforms have been turned into keyboard wrist rests that evoke the unique style and atmosphere of the subway station while working on a computer. The textured stone paper walls have been artfully fashioned into bookshelves that add a literary ambiance to offices and study rooms while keeping books organized.

Moreover, we've also used paper, leather, and stone elements to create practical gifts such as magnetic stickers and USBs, which not only make daily life more convenient but also showcase the subway station's distinctive style and charm. Additionally, the handles inside the train carriages have been ingeniously transformed into exquisite mini keychains that allow people to appreciate the beauty of the subway station's details in their everyday lives.

These gifts are not only practical but also uniquely designed, making them an excellent choice for both gift-giving and personal use.


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