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Comic / Illustration for LG Blog


於智能手機還未算普及的年代,而部落格blogger 越趨盛行。Mr.Letterless 受邀成為客席 blogger 為 LG Electronics 撰寫網文,分享 LG 各款新推出的智能手機用後感。所有撰寫的文章皆以原創手繪的漫畫風格取替累贅冗長的文字,以幽默風的故事形式呈現大眾眼前,增加閱讀趣味。


During a time when smartphones were not yet commonplace, blogging was on the rise. Mr. Letterless was invited to be a guest blogger for LG Electronics, sharing their personal experiences with LG's new line of smartphones. To make the articles more engaging, we replaced lengthy text with original hand-drawn comics, presenting our thoughts in a fun and humorous way that was easy for readers to enjoy.



概念構思 Concept

漫畫/插畫 Comic / Illustration

project time: 2010 - 2011

client: SapientRazorfish

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