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Karrage 日式唐揚專門店

​品牌形象設計 Branding Design


We had the pleasure of working on a project to design the brand identity for a street-side Japanese snack shop. Our scope of work included everything from the visual design elements and color schemes to the logo, menu, food photography, display racks, and promotional materials. The snack shop specializes in Japanese-style fried foods, so we wanted to create a logo that showcased the shop's attention to detail when it comes to frying. We settled on a design featuring a ball-shaped fried food with a crispy outer layer that gradually thins out towards the center, giving it the appearance of a bullseye target. This design represents the shop's commitment to frying their food to perfection, ensuring that customers get to savor the perfect texture and flavor in every bite.


主題構思 Theme Design

品牌設計 Brand Design


project time: 2011

​client: Karrage

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