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Dart Team Badge Design

我們為本地的一支飛鏢隊 - Hornet 設計了一個吉祥物隊徽,以展現他們強勁且精湛的技術。設計概念主要以粗線條和富有動力的美式繪畫風格為主,突顯了大黃蜂的強勁氣勢。隊徽呈現出邪氣的表情,增加了 Hornet 隊伍的威懾力和破壞力的視覺效果。大黃蜂雙手各握一支飛鏢,但最終卻用另外兩隻手緊握住飛鏢靶,直接用尾針蠻橫地刺穿它,表現出他們的強悍、霸道和百發百中的技術。

We designed a mascot emblem for a local dart team - Hornet, to showcase their formidable and outstanding skills. The design concept mainly focuses on bold lines and a dynamic American-style illustration, highlighting the powerful and vigorous image of a hornet. The emblem presents a sinister expression, enhancing the team's intimidating and destructive visual effect. The hornet holds a dart in each hand, but ultimately uses its other two hands to tightly grasp the dartboard and pierces it directly with its stinger, demonstrating their toughness, dominance, and precise marksmanship.



隊徽設計 Team Badge Design

project time: 2012

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