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香港貿易發展局為了推廣本地設計文化,邀請多位香港本地設計師為設計廊 Design Gallery 創作以本地設計為主題的海報系列。其中,Mr.Letterless 設計師以手繪動漫風格演繹其作品,以「童」和「靭」作為創作主題。這兩個主題既代表了童心未泯的創作精神,也代表了設計師在創作過程中所需的堅韌不拔的品質。


The Hong Kong Trade Development Council invited several local designers to create a series of posters for Design Gallery with a theme centered around Hong Kong design. Mr.Letterless, a designer specializing in hand-drawn anime-style illustrations, interpreted the theme with a focus on "childhood" and "resilience." These themes represent the creative spirit of maintaining a childlike sense of wonder and the determination and perseverance required to complete a design project.

Through this design project, the designer aims to share his passion and dedication for creating, as well as his insights and reflections gained during the design process. He believes that every designer must maintain a playful and flexible mindset while also possessing the determination and patience required to complete a project. Such a creative spirit not only produces excellent design work but also inspires people to pursue their own passions for design and creativity, helping to promote the development of local design culture.

Project includes:

Illustration, Copywriting and Poster Design




Ilustraion, Copywriting and Poster Design



project time: 2011

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