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Flyer Design


"We Make Attendance Simple" 是一款幫助公司員工自行記錄行蹤和出席記錄的產品。為了更貼近使用者,我們特別採用手機的外形和比例設計宣傳單張,以吸引目標用戶的眼球。此外,我們還構思了一系列打工仔在日常辦公生活中使用此產品的情境,並通過詼諧幽默的插畫方式展現出產品的功能特性。

"We Make Attendance Simple" is a product that makes it easy for employees to keep track of their whereabouts and attendance using their own mobile phones. To make the product more relatable to users, we designed promotional flyers that look like actual mobile phones, which really caught people's attention. We also created a series of fun illustrations showing workers using the product in their daily office lives, with a touch of humor and wit to highlight its unique features and benefits.


- 概念構思 Concept Thinking

- 平面設計及插畫 Graphic & Illustration​

project time: 2019

client: People Technology

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