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Expivotal Logo & Business Card


Expivotal 是一家以科學理論為基礎的公司,提供職涯規劃、人才管理和企業培訓服務。我們在設計中貫通了他們的品牌理念,將「搜尋人才」和「高準確度」作為主要訊息。我們將Expivotal中的「P」和「O」圖標化成放大鏡和瞄準鏡的元素,配合端莊而不失活力的字標設計和穩重而不沉悶的天藍色作品牌的主色調,以時尚且充滿活力的方式呈現傳統的人才管理行業。

Expivotal is a company that provides career planning, talent management, and corporate training services based on scientific theories. We aimed to embody their brand philosophy by highlighting their main messages of "talent search" and "high accuracy" in our design. To do this, we transformed the "P" and "O" in Expivotal into magnifying glass and telescopic sight elements, which were paired with an elegant and lively logotype design and a stable yet not dull sky blue as the brand's main color tone. Our goal was to present the traditional industry of talent management in a fashionable and dynamic way. We believe that our design approach reflects Expivotal's commitment to professionalism, precision, and innovation.



- 品牌色調 Brand Color Palette

- 商標設計 Logo Design

- 名片設計 Business Card Design

project time: 2019

client: Expivotal

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