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Mascot Design & Key Visual

為發展局起動九龍東辦事處設計的政府吉祥物 - 起東東 HeyDonDon 是由九龍東區內數個轉型地標的角色設計, 合體而成的機械人。 喻意把各轉型項目的背後訊息和概念連繫一起, 團結起來往九龍東的願景出發。透過吉祥物的設計形象,代表九龍東各區的轉型成果和背後的多樣性精神, 包括活力、 創意、 毅力、 美學、 團結和舊有文化傳承等, 都是再創未來不可或缺的元素。

We created a government mascot named "HeyDonDon" for the launch of the Energizing Kowloon East office of the Development Bureau. HeyDonDon is a robot made up of characters from various landmarks in the Kowloon East district, symbolizing the unity of different transformation projects and the shared vision of moving towards a brighter future. The design of the mascot represents the diverse and dynamic spirit of the Kowloon East district, including creativity, perseverance, aesthetics, unity, and the preservation of traditional culture. All of these elements are essential for building a better future for the community.



吉祥物設計 Mascot Design

標語設計 Tagline Design

即時訊息貼圖設計 Whatsapp Sticker Design

comic: Samson Cho

project time: 2021

client: EKEO 起動九龍東辦事處

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