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Chung Kitchen Logo & Packaging


接獲經營廚具設計和生產的客戶要求,我們為其旗下"鍾氏"品牌設計產品商標、視覺元素 和產品包裝設計。根據客戶要求,主要設計風格以中國風為主調,融入時尚視覺感。

以中式鏤空花窗作為設計基礎,將 "鍾" 字設計成古人佩玉般的形狀,展現出中國傳統的藝術美感。並以充滿中國色彩和環保意識的竹子設計出有時尚感覺的幾何圖形,作為背景視覺元素,更突顯品牌現代中國風的特色。


我們相信這些設計可以為 "鍾氏" 品牌注入新的活力和特色,吸引更多消費者的目光。

We received a request from a client who designs and produces kitchenware, asking us to create a product logo, key visual, and product packaging design for their "Chung" brand. The design style is predominantly Chinese with a touch of contemporary visuals, as per the client's request. We used Chinese-style latticed windows as the design foundation and incorporated the character "Chung" into a shape resembling an ancient jade pendant, showcasing traditional Chinese artistry. To add a touch of modernity, we created geometric shapes using bamboo, a material that symbolizes both Chinese culture and environmental consciousness, as the background visual element. The result is a brand that embodies modern Chinese style.

We believe that these designs will inject new vitality and unique characteristics into the "Chung" brand, attracting the attention of more consumers.


- 品牌概念構思 Branding Design

- 商標及平面設計 Logo & Graphic Design

- 包裝設計 Packaging Design

project time: 2019

client: Lee Yuen

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