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Mascot Design & Key Visual

為屋宇署 Buildings Department 舉辦的推廣活動,設計一系列的吉祥物設計 (mascot design) 和活動物資。是次活動透過舉辦樓宇安全IP角色設計比賽,令大眾透過此親子/學生活動明白樓宇安全的重要性。


Mr,Letterless 亦有幸被邀為今次比賽活動任評審之一,為各學生組別評審作品。亦在是次活動舉辦網上工作坊,與各組別的學生分享創作心得。

We designed a series of mascots and promotional materials for the Buildings Department's event promoting building safety. The event included a competition for children and students to design a character that represents building safety.


Our mascot, "Lou Zai," has an adorable and innocent appearance that reminds people to pay attention to issues that may impact building safety. The spring-like hair on its head and the small patch on its pants represent the problem of buildings deteriorating over time. The little elf attached to "Lou Zai's" head represents unauthorized building works, and its carefree attitude contrasts with the helpless and frustrated expression of "Lou Zai." The circular iron blocks that make up "Lou Zai's" feet symbolize its strong connection to the building.


Mr. Letterless was also invited to be one of the judges for this competition, responsible for evaluating the works of students in each age group. In addition, an online workshop was held during the event to share creative experiences with students from each group.


吉祥物及角色設計 Mascot Design

視覺設計 Key Visual Design

插畫 Illustration

演說視覺設計及教學分享 Lecture Design

project time: 2020

client: Buildings Department

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