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Bremer fabric series






Bremer is a product series that specializes in home textile products. The products are known for their soft yet durable texture and are made from high-quality canvas material. The canvas is paired with thick lines and simple curves of chrome-plated metal brackets, which gives the products a modern and stylish design. Bremer's product design is simple and elegant, with white and warm gray as the primary color tones, creating a refreshing, cozy, and peaceful home atmosphere.

Bremer's product line includes laundry bags, magazine racks, and miscellaneous storage baskets. The laundry bag is made from tough canvas material that can conveniently store unwashed clothes, reducing clutter and clothing compression in the home. The magazine rack boasts a simple design and is paired with chrome-plated metal brackets, making it both practical and easy to clean. The miscellaneous storage basket is designed with a mesh pattern, making it easy to see and retrieve items from the basket, and also convenient for cleaning.

Project includes:

Product Design & Development, Product Photography


産品設計及開發 和 產品攝影

project time: 2013

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