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2021 Calendar & Whatsapp Stickers


這是一款以插畫設計為主的座枱月曆,以屋宇署所設計的兩個角色 - 阿標和阿丁為基礎,描繪了許多不同場景的插畫。每個月份都有該季節的主題,以節日氣氛和故事為設計元素,描繪了阿標和阿丁的日常互動情景,並藉此強調樓宇安全的重要性。這款月曆就像阿標和阿丁的年記一樣,記錄了他們一整年的趣事。同時,使用者可以透過掃描每個月份頁面上的 QR code,下載該月份主題的 WhatsApp 貼圖,增強月曆的觀賞性和互動趣味。此月曆提供印刷版本、桌面電腦版本、手機版本和平板電腦版本,讓使用者隨時隨地都能輕鬆地使用。

This is a desk calendar primarily designed with illustrations, featuring two original characters created by the Buildings Department, Ah Po and Ah Ting. The characters are used to depict various scenarios, with each month highlighting a seasonal theme and incorporating festival atmospheres and stories as design elements. The illustrations depict the interactions between Ah Po and Ah Ting, with the aim of promoting the importance of building safety through their daily experiences. The calendar functions as a yearbook of sorts, chronicling their adventures throughout the year. Users can also scan the QR code on each month's page to download WhatsApp stickers related to the corresponding theme, enhancing the interactivity and enjoyment of the calendar. The calendar is available in print, desktop, mobile, and tablet versions, offering users the convenience of accessing it anytime, anywhere.


設計概念 Design Concept

平面設計 和 插畫 Graphic & Illustration

即時訊息貼圖設計 Whatsapp Stickers Design

內容撰寫 Content Writing

project time: 2020

client: Buildings Department

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