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Gift Set Design (mini-game)

為Agnes b所設計的小遊戲禮品,以黑色亞克力膠幣為主要材料,經過巧妙地設計,呈現出層層叠般的玩法。每個膠幣都印上金色的Agnes b 品牌元素的圖案,增添了品牌的獨特風格和美感。



This small game gift designed for Agnes b is made primarily of black acrylic coins, which are ingeniously designed to demonstrate a layered gameplay. Each coin is imprinted with the gold Agnes b brand element, adding a unique style and beauty to the brand.

The wooden box that comes with the gift is shaped like the iconic Parisian landmark, the Eiffel Tower, and is adorned with its image, adding a touch of French romance to the gift.

This small game gift is not only a fun game, but also an exquisite collectible. It has both collectible value and provides multiple ways to enjoy and have fun in life. It is a perfect gift for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. It is also suitable as a corporate gift, adding a unique style to your brand.


agnés b. DÉLICES​ - 遊戲禮品設計

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