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3D Hong Kong thermal mug

​3D 香港系列保溫杯

設計師走遍香港各個熱門景點,以獨特的視角和專業眼光,捕捉當下的景色。再運用 Collage Art 和懷舊色調的風格,將這些照片拼湊在一起,創造出了一系列獨特的香港景點圖像,每一張都展現了香港的獨特魅力和特色。為了讓這些圖像更加立體、生動,設計師還運用了 3D 立體印刷技術,將這些圖像印在保溫杯上,成為了一個獨特的香港主題伴手禮,讓旅客們帶著香港的美好回憶回家。這些保溫杯不僅是實用的旅行伴侶,也是一種藝術品,讓人們在日常生活中感受到香港的美麗和獨特性。

The designer behind these stunning thermal mug embarked on a journey across Hong Kong's most popular tourist destinations, capturing the city's unique charm and beauty through a lens of creativity and expertise. Using a blend of collage art and a nostalgic color palette, the designer crafted a series of bespoke images, each one showcasing a different landmark and highlighting the city's vibrant personality. To make these designs truly stand out, the designer leveraged cutting-edge 3D printing technology, creating a set of Hong Kong-themed thermal mugs that are both visually striking and functional.

But these mugs aren't just travel souvenirs; they're works of art in their own right. Each cup captures a unique aspect of Hong Kong's culture and heritage, and serves as a reminder of the city's rich history and modern vitality. The intricate designs and vivid colors are a testament to the designer's skill and creativity, and make for a truly memorable keepsake for anyone who cherishes the city's unique blend of tradition and innovation. Whether you're a local or a visitor, these cups are the perfect way to experience Hong Kong's beauty and character in a whole new way.



美術指導 Art Direction

攝影 Photography

平面設計 Graphic Design


project time: 2010

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