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Visual design for "Picture,Your Central Kowloon Route Kai Tak Old Photo Collection Event"




We have designed the theme visual elements and promotional materials for a nostalgic photo contest titled "Picture, Your Central Kowloon Route Kai Tak Old Photo Collection Event" hosted by the Highways Department, featuring the Central Kowloon Route - Kai Tak Development. Our designs include posters, promotional albums, and event venue display boards, and are characterized by a nostalgic and artistic feel, aimed at creating an elegant yet approachable image.

The theme of this photo contest is the history of the Kai Tak Airport and the daily lives of nearby residents. Our design goal is to enable participants to revisit this significant history and understand its contribution and value to society. Through the presentation of a nostalgic and artistic style, we hope to convey the importance and value of this work to participants, and inspire them to share their photos and stories with passion.


- 主題視覺設計 Key Visual Design

- 海報設計 Poster Design

- 場刊設計 Brochure Design

- 會場展板及圍板裝飾設計 Event Panels and Hoarding Design

project time: 2021

client: Highways Department

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